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"The most powerful Bible study tool I've ever used"

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"I've never felt more connected to the word of God"

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"I have always had so many questions about the Bible, and now I finally have answers"

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Why use a Bible Chat app?

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Helpful Answers 24/7

The Bible offers so much wisdom but it's not always easy to understand. Most people naturally have questions and we have helpful answers available 24/7. Anyone can learn more about the Bible with our chat service - even a child.

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ChatHolyBible is familiar with many different versions of the Bible and is knowledgeable about the Old and New Testament. Feel free to dive deep on any topic you can think of.

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All of your messages are completely private. Ask any question that comes to mind without worrying about someone judging you.


Answers to common questions

What can the app do?

In addition to addressing a wide range of faith-related inquiries, crafting personalized prayers, offering guidance, and interpreting biblical passages, ChatHolyBible can...

  • Summarizing Bible parables and share inspiring stories from the Bible
  • Simplify complex biblical concepts
  • Serve as a supportive Christian conversation partner and listener during challenging times
  • Provide relationship, personal, and spiritual advice as the Bible would recommend
  • Generate suggestions, discussion topics, quizzes, or study materials for Bible study groups
How do I edit a message?

Once a message is sent, you can't edit it but you can send a follow up message with the corrected text and the Interactive Bible will respond to that.

Why should I trust the app?

Bible Chat & Study uses advanced technology that has learned every single word of the Bible and has been programmed solely to help people improve their lives and their faith.

It's not working for me, I need help

Please email us at [email protected] and we'll be able to help you get it working for you.

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